Sunday, February 13, 2011

keeping track of... books

I did it again today. This time it was for DJ though. I put a new book on his Kindle that he already read as a paperback. I found a new website that gives you ideas for books for boys and I thought I found something new for him to read... maybe should have asked him first, but I like to surprise him with fun things when he has shown good behavior and DJ loves new books.
I have done this to myself more times than I can count. Most recently it was The Help. Had it on my Kindle and went looking to lend some books to a friend and I found a copy of it on my shelf in hardback -- unread, because I forgot about it! Ugh.
I have also bought the same book over again because either I want to lend it, or I have lent it and never got it it back. (I know, I just need to have the full series)
One good thing about not being able to keep track of the books I have read, is that I could probably re-read any of the ones in the back garage and it would be like reading it for the first time!

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