Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I am sure I read about it somewhere when Paige was a baby. I have this thing about telling a baby "no". It just makes me sad when that is their first word. No one was allowed to say it to when the others were little and now I try to make everyone remember not to say it to Mikey.

I do have a reason behind this, even if it sounds crazy -- it's mainly because "no" is supposed to only be used in a dangerous situation, like running into the street, etc (as if I would ever let them get near the street) So instead we say things like, "that's not for babies" and "that's not okay".

Everyone is on board with this until the TV is either being banged on or turned off in the middle of a show...

Well the little guy is talking more and more every day, and while he has been saying all our names for a while and even things like "good job DJ" and "foootbaaaaaallll" he is now saying things that I am just realizing I must say all the time.

His favorite is:
"Sit! Dowwwwn!"

He also says,
"go get it!" (and points to whatever he just threw)

and now, if you call his name to get his attention, you know, when he is sitting on the coffee table throwing magazines on the floor or climbing on the chair in the kitchen so he can throw the oranges, he looks at you, points his finger and yells "NO!"



Cyndi Hendrickson said...

Awwww. I was the same way with Solana. I never told her no. I said "uh uh uh" or "ah ah ah" (not sure how to spell the sound I made) instead of "no." I have yet to tell Chloe any of those things or stop her from doing anything. LOL!

davidJ said...

I didnt know that was why, i just did it

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