Wednesday, April 6, 2011

well baby

I love well baby visits! I am not so thrilled with the shot part, but, oh -- how I love to tell the pediatric staff how awesome my kids are ~ No, really, I love to see how big they are and have people who know what they are talking about reassure me that they are fine.
(and tell me how awesome they are)

Well, Miss Kell had her 5 year old check up, which included all the paperwork for Kindergarten. Very exciting!
My little Sasquatch is 44 inches tall and 50 lbs.

I so love having both my girls be the extreme opposite of each other. Kelly is almost always the tallest of her peers, where Paige was/is always the smallest! At 5 years old, Paige was still wearing a size 4 -- I am now buying Kelly a size 7! (well, really pulling out Paige's old size 7's from the back garage)

Kelly's vision came back 20/50 and now we have to take her to the pediatric opthamologist. 
I didn't get glasses until 5th grade. Same with DJ. Kelly's uncle Bob got his when he was 6 years old.
If she needs glasses, she needs glasses... better to get them before she starts Kindergarten.
The funny thing is, Paige used to beg for glasses!

At the same visit, Mikey had his 18 month check up. Going to see the doctor is not his favorite thing to do, but he cries only if you try to lay him down on the table.
Mama's Boy is 31 inches and 26 lbs and his Dad thinks he is too short...

Mikey has always had a loud fluttering sound in his heart. Kelly had it too, but outgrew it. Yesterday the pediatrician said that now Mikey's is a little louder than she "likes to hear", so he is going to have a pediatric cardiologist check it out.
First available appointment is in three weeks.
(do they do this on purpose to see how much stress a mother can take?)

I did forget to ask if it was unusual that Mikey could do the wooden shape puzzles. I don't remember any of the other ones doing it at a year and a half, but I could be wrong --

Oh, and yes I do still like taking Paige and DJ to their well baby visits, but they make me call it a well child visit!


ivonne said...

Your kids ARE awesome. And so are you -
What - Mikey is 18 month old???!! TIme truly is passing to fast!
Which cardiologist are you seeing?

carol anne said...

Thanks Ivonne :) You are sweet to say that.

I think it's Dr Tede.
(not sure if I have her name right)
He goes on the 26th.

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