Monday, June 20, 2011

love the zoo

I just love having a membership to the zoo.

We just up and go when ever we have time. And leave if/when someone is tired/hungry/cranky.

The fun thing about going last Friday is that Mikey was RUNNING everywhere. He is now used to being out of the stroller from our trip to Legoland, so there was no stopping him! Yes, he fell and skinned his knees once or twice, but thankfully, no major face-plant this time.

We all really loved seeing the new sea lion exhibit. Mike remembers feeding them as a kid and even though they don't do it anymore, the new sea lions are over near where the old ones used to be. Kinda cool. But I forgot to take a picture of it...
(or I was chasing Mikey)

DJ and Kelly had fun too -- Paige already started Summerbridge and had to miss out.
These two really ADORE each other!

I have my fingers crossed that it will stay that way!

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