Saturday, June 18, 2011

pre brace face

I am sure this will not be the last time I'll have something to say about Paige getting braces.
I never had braces, so this is all new to me too.
Paige has always been skittish when it comes to her teeth. Genetically, she has soft teeth (not from me) and even though she has always been really good about brushing, she had to have a root canal when she was in Kindergarten. She had an abscessed tooth and it was very traumatic for both of us when the dentist took care of it.
The main thing I learned from that experience, is that even if someone tells you that it would be better for you to be out of the room, if you know your kid better -- and know that she is not the "brave" kid without you, stay in the room. I don't think she would have been as scared if they didn't insist that I waited in another room.
And having more experience being a mother.

The whole thing was so awful, that her new dentist ended up scheduling an actual put her under surgery to fix her up. I hate even thinking about how stressed I was during the thing. Yeah, I know it was her teeth, but it still had me worried.

Thankfully, she has never had any major problems since.
Except she never works her baby teeth when they are loose.
Now, I know the dentist has said that it isn't her fault that she has both her baby tooth and her adult tooth in the same spot, but I think that if she EVER worked to loosen her baby teeth, she might not have FOUR of them doing this.
But that is my opinion.

Now she needs braces. Which is sort of funny, because when she was little, she really wanted them because she thought they were pretty.

She is scheduled to have them put on this next Friday. She had spacers put in yesterday afternoon. (yes, I was in the room with her) I am told that they are to make room for the brackets she needs for her head-gear (oh, haha -- can't wait for that) They put in four spacers and asked me to check them every day and give them a call if they come out.

Paige was not in the car 5 minutes and she was complaining about how much they hurt/bothered her.
I gave her ibuprofen when we got home, and she stopped complaining.

She woke up this morning and (of course) one of the spacers are out. Awesome. The dentist office isn't open on the weekend. Does this mean they  will postpone putting the brackets on? I have no idea.

I just don't know if Paige can deal with waiting. She is already so anxious she is about to  poof  into a million pieces if you talk too loudly around her.



Sandra in NM* said...

Just go in on Monday and that should still be enough time to get them ready for Friday. Meghan should be getting her braces off this summer and I can't wait to see her new smile. She only has to wear her headgear at night and I really haven't even seen her with it on. Remember when I had to wear both a headgear and my glasses in 5th/6th grade. Oh, the horror!!! She'll do fine and I'll keep her in my thoughts. HUGS.

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