Sunday, June 12, 2011

we're back

I thought I'd be able to blog while we were in our trip, but that sure didn't happen! We all had a blast -- and I just never had the time. We went to Legoland every day except one, and that one was spent at the pool.
 (well, Mikey and I went to the room to nap too)

I will blog all about the trip when I get a chance, but I did get the pictures up if you want to check them out. I had to put them into a few different albums just to keep them organized, and I haven't captioned them yet...
but here is the link for the first album:

Legoland! day one

But we are back.

And Paige starts Summerbridge on Tuesday
and gets braces next week!
DJ has Breakthrough next week
and Kelly's Kindergarten class is having a
Before School Playdate that she is thrilled about.

So, we're back.


auntie chris said...

Hi Carol, glad to hear your back and all is well. looks like
you guys really had a blast. thanks for the great pictures. gosh,
the kids sure are getting big, esp,little mikey, yikes. what is this
place paige is going to for summer??? Yahoo for the braces, I
had them put on at 16. wore them for 3 years..I'm sure hers will
probably be much easier than in the old days. Anyhow thanks again for the pics and family blog, i really enjoy it. love,auntie
chris. xoxoxo

Shell said...

Legoland? Oh, that sounds like so much fun!

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

Glad you had a good trip! And no rain this time! Yay!

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