Saturday, July 2, 2011


I have the Lake on the brain today.

We took the kids out on the boat last week. It was Baby Mikey's first time. We all had a blast! All three of the big kids were jumping off the back --
(man, Kelly is fearless)
Mikey napped.

I am sure I wasn't the only one thinking that Robyn (my mother-in-law) would have loved it too.

But today I am missing our place there.
I miss the casualness of it.
I miss the kids feeding the deer.
I miss the dog running around (and the dog)
I miss the view.

Maybe I am just feeling extra girly today, because to me, it was a romantic place to be.

My husband is a romantic guy who doesn't realize he is romantic ~
He is always doing things for me and never complains about anything I do.
And he just loves me.
So yeah, he and I are never really alone. Like alone without kids. I mean, they are downstairs right now, but they are here, right? The place at the Lake was small, so they were even closer -- but the Lake always makes me think of us. Like us as a couple.

I even miss driving up there.

I guess that today I am feeling pretty bummed that our place is gone.

(I am crossing my fingers that Mike doesn't figure out how floopy and girly I am right now. If he catches on, the rest of the afternoon will be unbearable with his teasing!)
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Sandra in NM* said...

I like this post. That is all.

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