Sunday, July 24, 2011


October is a big deal month for us and I am already obsessing planning for it, in my head. I usually don't start thinking about the kids Halloween costumes until August...
(yes, really)
This year, on October 5th,  Mikey turns two! Well, that means a Blue's Clues Party -- since all the other ones had Blues Clues Parties when they turned two.
But Mikey doesn't even watch Blues Clues. He doesn't even really like TV.

Unless there is sword fighting, which I find hilarious. We will be watching a movie, or Game of Thrones and Mikey could be asleep -- and he will hear the swords and bolt upright to watch!

So you see my dilemma?
Do I make him have a Blues Clues Party, or find something he is into... (can you even have a jump off of everything you see themed party?)

The "all three clues" cakes we made for Kelly's 2nd birthday.
I love Blues Clues --

Then we have Big Mikey's birthday a week later. Which, admittedly is a lot easier -- usually. The kids all make him cards and we make a cake. But this year he turns 40!
(amazing how he caught up to me, huh?)
So we will have to so something -- but it would probably be wrong to have him make all his own food for his own party, right?

12 days later, Paige turns 14. Fourteen.
Paige hasn't had a birthday party in the last two years -- because I had a newborn and then a one year old party to plan. She and a couple of friends hung out at the Academy of Sciences last year, but this year, I can't think of anything -- especially since Halloween is a week later!

And Halloween is huge at our house!



Paige as a Mummy. DJ was a Vampire and Kelly a Witch.

I always like to stick to a sort of theme, but last year
I let them (okay, sort of) choose.

DJ was a Headless Horseman, Paige a Pumpkin.
Kelly -- who came up with her costume on her own, was a "Dead Princess" and
Mikey was a Gorilla.

The year before he was a Banana.
(because it's just funny)

This year, I want to go back to making them all dress alike.
Before the two older ones protest.



I've wanted them to be Three Blind Mice or The Three Little Pigs, but Dad keeps vetoing those....
And since now there are four of them --
Not a clue.
.... not a clue?

Blues Clues Halloween?!?

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aimee said...

Wow that is really a lot going on in October for your family! I love the blues clues cakes! I don't really like planning and hosting parties. I get so stressed out about it. We had a Mickey Mouse 1st birthday party for my boy. I love the halloween costumes especially the themed one. They are super cute! :)

Angie said...

Hi there! I'm your new follower from sunday blog hop!

I love halloween.. and the other we started thinking for my lil one's costume... our theme will be greek..

The blues clues theme looks really fun!


jellybelly said...

You really prepare for holloween! Somehow I don't see Blues Clues as for holloween but those cakes are really cute!

Following you from New Friends Friday bloghop!

The Twerp and I

trininista said...

Wow. I do not envy your October madness at all. But it's fun madness am sure.

The Miller's said...

I have to say its a good thing you are already starting to plan! Organization will make it all flow so much easier! We are doing vikings from how to train your dragon :o)It was the only thing we could agree on! And I reaaaaally think the Blues Clues theme is cute!! I love tradition.

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

This post made me dizzy! Ok. Here's my two cents. Have a blues clues party if you want to. Mikey is two and has no idea about birthday party themes. Maybe play Blue's Clues on a continuous loop in your house until his birthday so he'll at least recognize it...? LOL!

Mike is BARELY older than Dave!?!? Does Dave know that? Did they go to school together? Hahaha!

I'm anxious to see your Halloween costume idea for this year. The previous ones are so cool! We usually just end up searching online for something at the last minute. I should start planning ahead like you!

Holbergs said...

I agree with Cynthia! Do the Blues Clues bday, anyways. That's too cute to pass up.
When Graham turned two, my little sister went to order his cake. She ordered him a Thomas the Train cake. He really hadn't been exposed to it yet, but becamse obsessed the moment he saw the cake. He actually requested the same one this year when he turned three. Do it! Do it! Do it!

If you can't do three blind mice, maybe do all be those freaky flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz. You could be the Wicked Witch?
Let us know what you decide!!

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