Wednesday, July 13, 2011

rockin' the baby

Last month I linked up over at
Things I Can't Say showing off the last bump 

It was super fun
checking out all the other bumps ~

And now, she is letting us show off all our baby pictures!

I do have a TON of those --
But most of the ones of the older kids are stored in the basement. I am sure I can find some adorable ones of them that I could scan and save and edit and put online, but I have decided to choose a couple of my favorites that maybe have been seen before, but have already been scanned (at least)

Here is Paige. She is a year old here and only 17 lbs. She is our Little Elf. She was really bald up untill around this time, but I don't have a picture scanned of her younger than this!
(maybe I should get on that) Now she is 13.

DJ was about 4 months old in this one. By the time he was six months, he had tripled his birth weight and was 20 lbs! He had so much hair he looked like a Little Man ~
He still does even though he's 11 1/2.

Kelly is not quite 6 months here and not quite 20 lbs. She started out the biggest -- at 9 lbs 14 1/2 oz! She is our Sasquatch. Yes, it because she is hairy and has big feet. (she does!!)
She is 5 now and about to start Kindergarten.

Here is Mama's Boy! Mikey at only 2 months old. I don't remember how big he was here, but he was 9 lbs at birth.
He is 21 months now and more Big Kid than Baby.

Oh man, does it go by fast.

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Shell said...

It really does go by so quickly!

Your babies are so cute!

Jen ( said...

Such cute babies. I can't believe how old my kids have gotten (7 and 5) and now I hardly remember them as babies.

Guess that means I should have some more! ;)

Mary Ann Phillips said...

Following you from The Adventures of J-Man GFC hop :) Hope you'll join us too!

Anonymous said...

They're all sweet! Love the eyes.

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