Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Iron Man

All of a sudden, our little baby has become a big kid.
And I have to admit, that all of those things you hear about the baby of the family being spoiled and getting away with everything is true --

Mainly because we are just too tired to enforce all the same rules that we had for the older ones.

The 'baby' became enthralled with Iron Man because I gave him my iPod to distract him from bothering us while we were getting his older brother used to the Homeschool routine. It has a video of the song from some cartoon show or something... My iPod has our entire library on it, in case -- gasp! someone leaves their own iPod at home and can't get to their playlist.
So I have also let the big kids bend the TV rule about only watching shows that are age appropriate for the youngest in the room
(which I admit, has become more difficult to do as they have gotten older and uh... I've uh... added more kids to the mix...)
and Mikey ended up watching some Iron Man cartoon thing and he was hooked!

Santa brought him lots of Iron Man things -- and the older ones liked the Avengers movie, but really, I don't know anything about Iron Man. I know Superman. I know Xmen. I know even know a little about Spider-Man and Batman, though those two annoy me. But, I'm not up on the Iron Man.

I have this thing. I don't know what to call it. If you have something -- I want the set. I had the Nancy Drew Books as a kid. #4 Well, I'm not reading #4 until I get #1-3. Never mind that they aren't in a series or anything. And if I bought a Blues Clues toy, you know I was not only getting Blue and Steve, but Magenta, Periwinkle, Shovel & Pail and anything else they made.
Come on. We have a Thinking Chair --
You don't even want to know how many Beanie Babies we have. Or Little People.
I'm trying to Stop It.
Mainly because it sounds crazy.
(yes, my husband knew all of this before he married me)

So between not knowing much about Iron Man, and making a real attempt to Stop It (you know, the weird compulsive thing) I'm guessing we are all set with the Iron Man stuff! ....?

Another thing the older kids were never allowed to do, is ask for things when we were at a store like Target. Yes, even when they were little. Paige never asked to. Yep. Really. I let her play with a toy and then we put it back when we walked out of the aisle. Different story with the next two. When DJ and then Kelly came along and we went into places, even the market, and the "can I have" started -- 18 months, 2? I would tell them, "next time I won't let you hold the toy if you complain when it's time to put it back"
"next time you won't get to come into the store with me"

-- it's not like they'll bust you out at that age! They don't turn it back on you and say, 'Oh yeah, what will you do then? Leave me in the car?'

Yes, I have four kids. But I'm not used to them asking for things when we are in a store. Even now, the big kids have to really want something to ask for it -- Paige will even offer babysitting money for blackberries when they are in season! Besides, if they show an interest in anything, their crazy mother gets them the series/set/pair.
Keep in mind though --

I do a lot more shopping online now than ever before.

The Baby gets away with a lot more than the older kids.

and I just needed a couple things from Target

How am I supposed to resist, "Mama can I have this at my house?"!?!

Daddy let him choose one and he walked over and put the other back -- but I am pretty sure it was to keep me from buying all the accessories to go with it.

Monday, January 7, 2013

I'm back

I've been MIA from the blog world for quite a while. Life got a bit hectic, well more hectic than usual, and it seemed more and more difficult to start back up again.
Things are really no less hectic -- but, maybe I can manage at this point?

So that's it for today.

Nothing about the kids.

I'm just back.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy 2013 ~
We had a great Winter Break. The kids played and we just relaxed and hung out with them.
Mike and I watched the entire series of the Walking Dead and we are almost finished with Downton Abby, so we are right there with the rest of everyone else now!

It's Back to school Monday, and I wish we had another week off --

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