Friday, February 4, 2011

swim lessons

When the older two kids were born we lived in Novato and we had a pool. I was super paranoid about it, so the second swim lessons were available for Paige, we were signed up. I didn't do the "drown proof" classes that were popular then, just the plain Mommy and Me classes. She liked the water and we took lessons every summer. When DJ was born I signed him up along with her.

At the beginning of the summer in 2003 when they were 5 and 3 years old, we moved to Hidden Valley Lake. We lived in this cute little gated community and there was a club house that had a big olympic sized pool. The pool offered swim lessons, so they each had a class back to back -- I packed a lunch and after their classes we waited for the open swim. We were there practically every day!

By the end of the summer they were both tan little fishes!

Paige was diving with the big kids

and DJ could touch the bottom of the pool -- it was crazy to see!

Kelly hated her first time in the pool, even though it was in Hawaii!

Since we moved to the city, there really hasn't been very many opportunities to even go swimming. They get to swim some, but Kelly really doesn't know how. I realized that this is something that needs to be addressed when we were on vacation and she was taking off her float vest to prove that I was wrong and she could swim....

Sort of like she could put on her own goggles....

I finally signed Kelly up for lessons through the Park and Rec. Hamilton pool was just renovated and it's nice. We have been to three lessons and she can already swim the length of the kiddie pool. She has no fear that girl -- insists on going on the water slide by herself and dove down 4 feet to retreve a toy just today.

Mikey and I are also in the class right before hers. He loves the water, but I think this pool isn't heated enough for him. He clings to me unless I let him stand on the step -- there he dances!
He also dances in the warm shower after his lessons and yells at me when it's time to get out, so I am thinking he might need a wet suit if we sign up again --
 or maybe I can find a baby dance class?

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