Tuesday, April 19, 2011


People cannot say our last name correctly.

Having a boring first name, I was always the one who tried to make sure I pronounced other's names correctly. I had a friend Leif, who would answer to LEAF, but I never called him that. I had to say it the right way. I am sure it never mattered to him, but it mattered to me.
I don't know why I had a thing about this. Maybe it it because I never liked my first name. I always thought it was a name for Old Ladies. Now that I am fast approaching Old Ladydom -- I am not so much liking Carol any better, but I have come to terms with it.
I even gave Paige a longer middle name in case she didn't want to be called Paige. She could be Beth or Liz...
but she likes Paige.

I do like Carol more than Kismet.
Yes, my mom wanted to name me Kismet. My grandmother didn't like the name Kismet, and since my grandmother worked at the hospital where I was born, she filled out my birth certificate and named me Carol.
Thank you Grandma!

Being an Aissa has brought on a new level of this name pronunciation for me.

"Thank you Mrs. Ey-Eye-See"

"Here you go, Mrs. Eye-See-Uh"

or Mike's favorite

"ASS- Ey-Uh" (which was how it was pronounced on a loudspeaker, during a football game)

Having had this weird name thing my whole life, it is now really funny that now that it is MY name that is being mispronounced,
I don't care at all.
It is really cute how people get so excited when you tell them they got it right.
And it is super amusing to see people struggle with it (maybe I am a little mean)
But it doesn't bug me at all.

I wasn't around for it, but I guess Robyn would tell people, "It's Aissa, not Asshole" which is very classic Robyn!
Maybe I should make it up on a t-shirt....

So it is EY-S-UH.
Originally, the name was Ay-Eye-Suh, but that is when the family was sheepherders in Spain.

While I am at it, it spelled AISSA, not ASSIA.
Just saying.


Love You Always & Forever said...

People are so ignorant when it comes to learning how to say/spell names correctly! Drives me BONKERS!!! My name is fairly common, but the spelling is not. So people are ALWAYS spelling my name Stacey/y instead of the Stacie. I love how my name is spelled and I make sure to let people know how it is spelled LOL!!
Anywho...thanks for following my blog! I am over returning the love!

Stacey said...

Following from Bloggy Moms :) My last name is Sprague [Spray-guh] LOL. Everybody says Spriggs...idiots!

Stacey said...

@Love you always & forever [that's because StacEY IS the cool way to spell it :)]

Love You Always & Forever said...

Hahahahaha!! OOoooookay!! LOL!!

carol anne said...

Now that is funny ~

Thanks for the comments and for following!

Mry Jhnsn said...

My maiden name is Nerad [née rad] but it is often mispronunced but i always usedit as a conversation starter... sometimes. :)

auntie christine said...

Hi carol, know you know how i feel, people mispronouncing
my last name all my life. It's supposed to be pronounced with the
AISA .where the double s came in i'm assuming throught Ellis Island during immigration. Ask Vic way back when he was in the
p.d. and tried to get the spelling of his last name changed. Too
much red tape or something. He'll tell you about it. ttyl. love christine. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

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