Tuesday, April 12, 2011

lucky girl

I know I am spoiled.

I have the family I always dreamed of having and I sing praises about my kids all the time. I don't often brag about my husband.
('cause I'm spoiled)

I know people claim that they married their best friend, but I really did.

We spend all our time together and we never argue. I mean ALL our time -- I might stay home, like right now, and he will pick up one of the kids from school, but that is pretty much the only time we are not together.

We have had exactly one fight. It was about 8 years ago and I was completely justified in being angry.

He gets up early with DJ and gets him to school. This seems fairly easy, but it is actually, huge. DJ is the only 'morning' person in our family and is really happy to start his day. He is even happier to spend this time with his Dad. You know, one on one guy time.
This allows me to sleep in with the baby.
Then he drives the girls to school.

He lets me organize everything, so he drives us to the market or soccer practice or just to the park to play -- wherever I have mapped out where we need to be that day.
And he cooks for us all. And does the menu, so all the shopping at the market too.

I am sure that I must annoy him at times, and it drives me nuts when he gets crumbs on the bed, but it's almost weird that we get along so well.
(could be 'cause I'm spoiled)

He doesn't have a typical male ego, so I never worry about stepping on it.
He is romantic without thinking he is.
He puts all of us before himself.
He makes me feel safe -- and that all the children are safe.

I am always myself  with him.

So, Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband!

I am one lucky girl.


Cyndi Hendrickson said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope Mike reads your blog :-)

auntie christine said...

hi carol, yes sweetie,you are one lucky girl. congradulation on a great
find,because he is my nephew of course. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU
BOTH. You guys have a great family. I wish everybody was as laidback as
mike is. tell the gang anutie chris said hi and happy easter to you all. lots of
love, auntie christine

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