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pedro aisa

Pedro Aisa was born September 17, 1876 and came over to San Francisco from Spain in 1906.

He left Le Havre, France on August 18th and arrived in New York on August 28th. He was listed as being around 28 years old and not married yet. He was also listed as being a barber, but the family was told that he had been a physician in Spain. He had $30 and had never been to the United States before. He is meeting his friend, Michael Franco who lives on 1545 Post Street in San Francisco.

*Michael, I believe is Miguel Franco, step father to Theresa Pelegrin. Theresa marries Pedro early in  1907. She immigrated here in 1904.

In 1910, he was still going by Pedro, but was spelling Aisa, with a double ss.
He and Theresa had two children by then and three of Pedro's brothers in law lived with them.

In 1917 he lived at 377, 11th Avenue and he was working as a gardener. He is listed as being "short" at 5'4" with a "medium" build, brown eyes and black hair.

In October of 1919, I found Pedro returning home from Hawaii. He is not traveling with family, but I have not found a military enlistment... yet.

In 1920 he was going by Peter and the spelling had switched back to Aisa. He was working as a waiter on a boat. (I know that I'd like to know more about that) He and Theresa have three children, Marcel, Emile and Grace. They lived on 20th Avenue.
Interestingly, both Pedro and Theresa and both sets of their parents, are listed as being from Spain, but French is their "mother tongue". Could be why the family thought Theresa was from France -- she spoke French!

By 1930, he was Peter Aissa.
Peter was working as a barber, had about $4,000 and owned a home. He lived with his wife Theresa and all his children lived at home, including Marie who was 9 years old.
His brother in law, Antonio 'Frank' Franco who lived with the family before -- in 1910 was living with them again.
Both Frank and Marcel were working as chauffeurs. Emile was a quartermaster on a steamship.

Peter Aissa committed suicide on March 13, 1936 by ingesting rat poison. He was 56 years old.
There is paperwork that Theresa filed requesting a name correction attached his death certificate, so it does read Peter Aissa.
His mother's maiden name is listed on it, but is illegible. His mother's first name was Carmen.

Pedro had four brothers and two sisters that I have been able to find. Two of the brothers, Francisco and Enrique never changed the spelling from Aisa to Aissa.


Cassie said...

I love Geneology. So much to learn about who we are and where we are from!

Cassie said...

I love Genealogy, too! lol - I live life in need of spellcheck....

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OMG, love that you was able to go back in time. Thank you for passing by and will visit back soon. :-) said...

Hi Carol,you do a beautiful
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Jen@Mom's Online Garage Sale said...

How Cool! I've been researching my family since I have two genealogy books for my husbands side. He is a decadent of Francis Scott Key, so far on my side we are just your ordinary Italians.

Stumbled your post for you. Mine is Do you use Freecycle?

Tina Peterson said...

What an awful way to die - rat poison. I wonder why he committed suicide - what kind of dispair or what happened to make him take that step. I'll give you a stumble. =D

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