Friday, May 6, 2011


I had a miscarriage the year before I was pregnant with Mikey. I was very upset about it and when I did find myself pregnant again, I was extremely stressed out the first four months -- and longer, if I am truthful.

I love being pregnant. Really. I feel like I fit into my skin.
So being afraid was a new thing to me.

And so I made hats.



My cousin had recently had a baby and BOTH of my sister's in law were pregnant too! In fact, one of them had a due date 8 weeks before mine and the other one 8 weeks after ~

{You can read all about the journey my brother's family traveled, in the
beautiful blog that Cyndi made 
and even turned into a scrapbook at Our Young Shoot Chloe }

As you can see, I made mostly girl hats. I did make a couple for my nephew Zeppelin, but I forgot to take pictures of them. {g}

I am really not very good at making a certain size. I sort of just guess. There is a way to do it, with yarn weight and hook number, but do I take the time to figure it out? Nope. I just start crocheting.  So I figure that most of them never fit any of them. I did make my cousin a blanket -- well, a blanket and an odd size 'lovey' (a 'lovey' because it sooo didn't turn out how I expected)

I did make Mikey a blanket and hat (that fit him!) that he wore ALL the time until I couldn't roll it up anymore.
He is saying 'touchdown" in his sleep here ~

I made another for my cousin's older daughter (modeled by Kelly)
and one for Mikey
that he never keeps on his head

and another one for Chloe when she came home -- because none of the others I made fit!

(yes, I DO know how cute she is!!!)

So go figure that I am making a hat now.

For Paige. For her trip. To Olympic Park. For a WEEK. 
(am I starting to stress?)

I am not finished with it. I am making a goofy looking 'flower' for the top.

Paige has always been a hat girl She wears the ones I made that started out as baby hats and ended up fitting her -- all the time.
(at home)

She picked out the yarn.
The colors are pretty.
It's soft and warm.

At least it fits.


deb duty said...

I'm impressed! Love all the cute hats!

aimee said...

Those are beautiful hats! I love to crochet too! Your kids are so beautiful! Happy Mother's day! Have a great weekend!

aimee said...

Hi Carol Anne! Thanks so much for grabbing my buttton. I grabbed yours back and placed it in my blog. I hope you have a great day! Enjoy and celebrate being a Mom! :)

Chic Homeschool Mama said...

Beautiful hats- I know that if I was expecting I would be making a ton of those.

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

Awwww! I never saw this post! It's weird. A bunch of your posts have seemed to slip by my radar. Not sure how that happened... I'm not sure I knew about your miscarriage, Carol. I guess we didn't talk a lot until FB and that was probably right after it happened. I'm so sorry :-( I recognize a bunch of those hats! :-) I think Chloe actually wore them all at one point. I'm pretty sure I have pictures of her in all of them. Except maybe the one pink one that you send for the twins and I gave to Leila. Seeing the picture of those two hats still turns my stomach. Weird, huh? Anyway, I LOVE your hats! I wish I could make some like that! Lots of love to you, sis!

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