Monday, May 16, 2011

Liberty Hognhog

Liberty Hognhog first came to visit us about a year ago. This is the first photo taken of her --

She is an astronaut who studies volcanoes. She has no siblings, is an orphan and comes from the planet Hognhog. She likes to make cake. You can call her Liberty for short, but don't say the "for short" part.

Kelly's older brother is completely freaked out by Liberty Hognhog, even to the point of tears if she 'visits' for too long a time. And while we all find that hilarious, Liberty doesn't visit unless he is at school or else she tries to keep her visit short.

Liberty came to visit on Kelly's last birthday --

and now wants to move here, to our planet, to study it's volcanoes. She want her own apartment, but wants Kelly to come over for play dates and sleepovers. Kelly's Dad also needs to come over and make them cheesy roll ups.

Paige had an imaginary friend when she was really little. Paige was only about 2 1/2 years old at the time. Her friend's name was Honey and I always had to pick Honey up and put her in the car next to Paige and strap her in. Honey and Paige would pick flowers in the back yard and 'make' things out of sticks and rocks.

I don't know, I just played along.

Paige also liked to be a cat all the time -- wouldn't talk, just purred.
So I pet her, and played along.

I honestly have no idea where Liberty came from either (other than the planet Hognhog)  Her last visit was on Mother's Day (when DJ was upstairs) and she even made me a card!

and obviously, did her own hair....

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Deb K said...

Too Too Cute!!

Hi! Following you from the Blog Hop til You Drop Blog Hop!

Hope that you will stop and visit me too :-)


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