Monday, May 23, 2011

stainless steel sucks, part 2

Oh, I am not finished.

Pledge is really weirdly wet, so you can't use very much at a time or you will be wiping the same spot forever. Also keep in mind that you have to wipe out all the smudges around the handles -- and wipe with the grain  up and down or it looks bad (that part might just be me)

My friend Jeni told me about the Pledge multi-purpose, which I think works better, but the cans are TINY

and as you can see, there is a another set of cabinets to clean on the other side.

What you can't see in the pictures, is the line I have created on the upper cabinets that are from being unable to reach all the way to the top even when I use a step stool. (yes, I am that short) I usually don't point that out, but you can't really tell anyway. Okay, yes you can, but I don't know what to do about it.

The main draw back to using the Pledge to clean the cabinets is that it is really, really, REALLY slippery on hardwood floors.

Well that just means you have to lay towels down and hope none of the over spray reached the floor -- because if it did, and your husband happens to slip on it EVERY TIME he might be a little mad. Even if you think it is a little funny.

When all the cabinets are finished, don't forget that the dishwashers are a different sort of stainless steel and that Windex works better on those. But DON"T get Windex on the cabinets because that strips of the shiny coating.
The handles on the fridge need to be cleaned with a sponge and wiped off after. Make sure not to get water on that stainless (ha!) steel either.
(don't get me started on the stove)

Oh, there are more cabinets on this side too...

Like I said before, it is pretty when it's clean.
It just takes a lot to clean it. And to keep it clean. That is why I think it sucks.

I  also might suggest maybe picking something different for your cabinets if you live with two men and four kids.
Hey! But don't you think it looks good with my new rug?


Nicole said...

Is that your kitchen? Awesome! You would cry if you saw my kitchen.... Although I do get what you mean about stainless steel. Not so stainless! Plus the wiping forever.... I know that feeling.

Lalita said...

I am in the process of selling my house and moving into a new one. We put in stainless steel appliances to help our former place sell (because our realtor insisted our house wouldn't sell without them). I despise them. Having a "pretty" (debatable) kitchen is pointless if no one can use it without resorting to a cleaning regime that rivals anything my mom, a former surgical nurse, did to clean up an OR.

I am putting white appliances in my new place...and will smack the taste out of any chica's mouth who even remotely suggests that my kitchen isn't trendy enough.

There...I feel better.

carol anne said...

I am glad you feel better :D

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