Saturday, July 16, 2011

angel island

I think it is great when my kids are able to go on field trips and such. Paige has been to Stanford, the Google headquarters and just recently she went on her big trip to Olympic Park in Washington.
DJ, being younger, hasn't had as many opportunities as Paige yet.
He did remind me that he went to Napa last year for five days.

He reminded me of this when he was saying goodnight to me Thursday night and (I guess) I was looking pathetic since I wouldn't see him until Saturday night.

He is camping on Angel Island with the rest of the 6th graders from Breakthrough. I know he is having a blast. They rode the ferry over and they are sleeping in tents -- Can a kid have more fun than that?

I will tell you though -- I am tweaking hard. I always do, especially when (like this time) they can't even call to say good night. I know he is fine. I know he is having a wonderful time.
I just miss him.

I like to have my kids with me --
(I don't even like it when they go to school)

I know.
It's not even like we are doing anything. The rest of them are watching Wipeout...

I am thrilled that he is getting to do this. I am. I have never been camping there. And since I have decided that I will never go camping again,
unless I can have my Tempur Pedic Bed, HD TV with tivo and a full sized bathroom,
I will never get to do it with him.

How do parents cope when their kids actually leave home? I seriously can't even imagine.

We tease Paige that we are going to move to wherever she ends up going to college -- and we probably will!
But right now, I am missing my little nerd that packed a book to go camping.

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Cyndi Hendrickson said...

You're sweet :-)

The Miller's said...

Aww you're "little nerd" is precious. I can totally relate. I am even uneasy when I leave my girls for just a couple hours to go out with the hubs. I mean, it's worth spending time with the hubs BUT I really miss my girls. But I guess, it's just a part of life... ? :o) Loved this post.


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