Tuesday, July 12, 2011

mama's boy

Maybe I should discourage the behavior, but I don't.
I kinda think it's adorable --
My little guy Mikey won't let anyone else near me.

He will separate me from anyone I am hugging or holding hands with. He grabs them and pushes them away and YELLS at them if they don't move. If I am cuddling another kid, it lasts less than 10 seconds before he is jamming himself between us.
It is so hilarious!

Big Mikey doesn't find this as cute as I do.

I think I am liking this so much because all the others adore Dad and have definitely preferred him over me for most (okay, all) of their lives.
No joke.
AND the middle two liked their sibling over me too.
DJ, up until about 2 years ago did everything Paige asked him to, and did it with a smile. Now he does everything Kelly says... but Kelly, unlike Paige, worships him! It floors me sometimes how close those two are since they are 6 years apart.

All of this has never bothered me.
Mike feeds these kids -- of course they like him more!

But now I finally have one that likes me the best.
(tee hee)
So I plan on keeping him a Mama's Boy for as long as I can!

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