Tuesday, July 26, 2011

sibling love

I used to believe that for siblings to get along well they needed  to be close in age. I don't know even know how I came up with this --
My brother and I are 3 years apart and there were plenty of times that we didn't get along, but most of the time we did.
My mom didn't get along with her brother and they were 13 months apart.
My dad is one of eight siblings. Four boys, four girls. My aunt just recently told me that they each grew up thinking of themselves as an 'only child'.
Explains a lot.

Paige and DJ are 26 months apart. Paige and I both just doted on DJ and he adored her. Gave her his first smile, first laugh.
DJ was so little and had these full body belly laughs -- it was so freakin' cute!

Paige is now almost 14 and wants to be an only child
(at least some of the time)

Kelly is six years younger than DJ.
It has been great for DJ. When Paige started feeling a bit too old to play with him all the time, it was just about the time that Kelly was old enough to play.
And I have to say it again, DJ and Kelly are inseparable.
He is her favorite person. She waits for him to get home from school.
They talk and play all the time.
All The Time.

Paige turned 12 a couple of weeks after Mikey was born. Every baby should come with a 12 year old sister. He LOVES her.

At that time I had a Newborn, a Preschooler, an
Elementary student and one in Middle School.

I know "all siblings fight", but mine are not allowed to. I wouldn't allow someone else to say mean things to one of my kids, so I don't let them say mean things to each other.
No, they don't always get along, but I do insist that they will show each other kindness --
(Paige is the one having the most trouble with this lately)
Some of the time they do need a reminder (DJ) and I have had to ban them from speaking to each other (usually in the car)
But for the most part, for now they all get along.

And who knows how Mikey will fit in to the dynamics of it all?
In just a few short years Paige will be going to college.

I'll have one in College, one in High School, one in Middle School and one in Elementary.

My goal is for them to all to like each other
and get along --
and for one of them to take DJ with them when they move out.

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trininista said...

My brother and I are 4 years apart (I'm older) and we were thick as thieves growing up. Most of the time we would stick up for the other but we still fought (mean fights too...like violent...lol) and still hugged and made up. I think it's great that your kids are encouraged to love each other and not be mean to each other. They will truly appreciate that when they become adults. It's a wonderful thing!

Mom4Real said...

This is a tough one for me. Mine are five years apart, and they fight all of the time. I make them write letters to each other if they are mean. It is funny though, if someone else mean to one of them, the other jumps right in to defend!

Jessica K

Anonymous said...





Sandra in NM* said...

Oh Carol! I can't stop laughing at your last sentence....great post! You've instilled the bug in me now and with all the hours I'm working, i can't find the time to blog. Boooo!

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

I think most parents want their kids to just get along. Heck, mine still do! Once, when I was little, I got busted being mean to my sister and my mom asked me, "Do you talk to your friends that way? Then why would you talk to your sister like that? If there's anyone you should be nice to it's your family." I didn't quite get it back then but I do now.

One of the big things in our family is respect and kindness. We expect Solana to be respectful and kind to others and we also show her respect and kindness.

It's never ending. I have a feeling your kiddos will always get along. And if they don't want to you'll just make them! :-)

Kerry said...

Haha that last bit had me laughing!! I always tell my kids that if they don't speak nicely to one another then they can go sit a room together for half an hour until they can say something nice :) Your age gaps are so cute...my baby boy also has the older siblings.

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