Saturday, August 6, 2011

belonging to a Tribe

I have had a Twitter account for a couple of years, but honestly, I never really used it all that much. When I started blogging at the beginning of the year, I linked it all up -- because I have to have everything all linked up and together
(come on, you know I am just like that)
Because of my new blog, I ended up giving up on my Facebook games and spending more time on Twitter, where I heard about Triberr.
Triberr is basically a service that allows you to use the Twitter accounts of your friends, to promote your blog.

"Every time you publish a new post, everyone in your tribe will tweet it to their followers. And you do the same for everyone in your tribe."


Oh, but you can't just join. You need an invitation.

Jen over at Life With Levi wrote a post about Triberr and also extended an invitation to her Tribe.
Well Triberr ends up being a pretty cool thing!
I don't have as many followers as other people in my Tribe, but with everyone else in the Tribe combined, my blog posts have the potential to reach 5,950 followers.

When you join, you also get to be the Chief of your own Tribe.


So, since I have my own Tribe -- just sad and empty, sitting around with just me in it...
I thought I would extend an invitation of my own to anyone that is interested.
If you'd like to become one of my Tribemates, please leave me your Twitter account in the comments, or just connect with me ~

*if you already belong to Triberr, I cannot add you to my Tribe, since I don't have enough Tribemates to turn on inbreeding
unless of course, you know how to do it, or how to add me...

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Angie said...

Hi there sounds like fun! I'd like to join your tribe!

Here is my Twitter account:!/BlogALI

So my post will also post automatically to the tribe or only the head of the tribe?

KERRY said...

Hey I have tried again to put your button on my page but it keeps saying it is copyrighted?? Am I doing something wrong? I will ask Angie if she can copy it or whether it says the same thing...:)

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