Sunday, August 21, 2011

the boy is a Nerd

When you think of DJ, especially  when he was a baby, the first word that came to mind was 'sweet'. He was so cute, with his big giant head, short little legs and man hair --

DJ was very needy compared to Paige. I had to hold him all the time. He was a big boy and heavy!
(I even herniated a disk in my back)

But he was always, so sweet --
smiled and laughed all the time.
Woke me up every morning at 6am,
happy as can be, with a
"Good Morning Mama!"

And the boy couldn't wait to go to school! When Paige started Kindergarten he would pitch a fit, wiggle out of my arms and throw himself to the ground because he wanted to stay.
So, I never let him out of the stroller.

DJ was awesome like that -- once I had him strapped in, (to the car seat too) 
he never realized he could get out. 

I ended up enrolling him in Preschool earlier
and leaving him in it longer than the others, because he loved it.
When Paige came home from school, I had to set him up so he could "do homework" with her.
He practically told Mike and I to Get Out when we brought him to his first day of Kindergarten ~

DJ has always been challenged with his fine/gross motor skills and in the early days of school this was a huge concern for us. Fortunately, DJ is a sweet boy and has never been discouraged by this.
The boy has heart.

Now my Little Man is a 6th grader.
6th grader.
Girls like him -- but he has no clue that that is what is going on.
No clue.
He reads all the time. Finishes novels like they are magazines. Reads when he is in the car -- when we are trying to talk to him. Reads the table -- before we make him stop. Reads under the covers with a flashlight -- which we let him think he is getting away with
He likes listening to old AC/DC and is amazed (...every time!) when Dad and I can sing the lyrics.
He loves having a blog, but never has time to write in it. Thinks he is so cool because he has a Twitter account, but then forgets to tweet.

The couple of weeks that he had off between his Summer Program and school were making him antsy. So he was driving everyone to distraction -- and making me crazy!
This last week, since school has started,
has been the happiest I have seen this guy in a month.
He is giddy.
Talking about his new teachers, telling us that the girl that follows him everywhere is "good", signing up for Track Tryouts.
But his biggest goal right now which is causing him the most anxiety excitement is getting on the
Principle's Honor Roll (straight A's)
because now in 6th grade he can earn a LOCKER.

So I think it is official. My Sweet Boy, my Little Man -- has become
a huge

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E @ Act Fast Chef said...

Amazing pictures, again! I dropped a little thank you gift in the mail last week. Hopefully you get it soon :)

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