Sunday, August 14, 2011

counting down the days

Yeah, so I used to always count down the days until my birthday. Uh, some people might {cough} remember this. If you don't remember you might not fully understand --
I started counting 6 months in advance.
You know, from my Half Birthday
(which also happens to be Valentine's Day)
And then I would tell everyone, every day, how many days were left until my birthday.
Everyone. Every. Day.

It wasn't that I even wanted to get presents or anything like that --
It was just My Birthday.

I have always been the youngest out of everyone.
High School.

I think that time I tried to make a Big Deal about my birthday is when was I turning 30. I was actually a little tweeked about the whole thing, but nobody around me let me have a
"I wish I was 30 again" was all I heard.
By then I has also stopped counting.

And I was pregnant with DJ when I turned 30 ~
I was pregnant with Mikey when I turned 40...
I wonder if that means something? If it's good luck, or if they will cure cancer or something amazing like that?

So right.
If you are reading this, I assume you can do math too.

Happy Birthday to Me!

I just want to know how things changed on me so much that I am no longer the youngest, but I am now the oldest?

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KERRY said...

Maybe you could be pregnant at 50 and keep the tradition going :)
Hope you had a wonderful day...x

carol anne said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes Kerry ~
If I became pregnant at 50, I think my husband's head would explode!

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