Saturday, August 6, 2011

in your eyes

I love taking pictures of the kids eyes!
I like taking pictures
of their toes too, well, at least I did when they were babies...
So yeah, I guess that makes sense why I don't have as many toe pictures as I do of their eyes. Baby toes are cute, Tween toes, not so much.

This one you might have seen before. I took it in 2004 of DJ. I blew it up to an 11x14, framed it, and had it in their playroom. I think it's from my first digital camera --

This one is of Paige in 2007, making fun of me -- because I was trying to take pictures of her eyes.

Kelly Anne at the pool July 2007

and her first black eye in 2008

(thanks Paige)

and with DJ

Paige showing me her eyes again in August 2008
(goofy chick)

and my sleeping baby girl in September '08

Well, if you have been wondering why I am posting all these eye photos, I am planning on entering
next week when the theme will be 
Because I like taking pictures of the kids eyes -- I happen to have a few of them...
and after spending a little time looking through some of my Picasa Albums
I still have no idea which one I want to enter in the challenge!
I intend to try and take a few between now and the contest, but I am still looking through old ones -- and so my next post will probably be
in your eyes, part 2

Please, let me know if there is one that you think I should use, or even a comment letting me know I should keep looking.

Here is even one of me! It was one of my first profile pictures on Facebook ~

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Laurie said...

I love the pictures! Eyes are so fun. :) Thanks for the sweet comment!

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