Thursday, August 18, 2011

rule the school

My youngest girl is in Kindergarten now.

Pretty sure she was just born...

or it seems like it anyway.

Kelly is a very self confident girl. Likes people and makes friends easily.
She didn't go to preschool for very long, but they LOVED her there. The kids. The teachers.
I know it sounds like I am bragging (maybe just a little)
but her behavior made other kids behave better (probably why the teachers loved her so much) She always includes other kids when she plays with someone and goes out of her way to be friendly and kind.
She had a bit of a problem with one of the girls telling her "I am not going to be your friend" every time Kelly would play with someone else.
It would make her cry.

The night before the first day of Kindergarten Kelly was nervous! She was anxious about what to expect. She even told me she was worried that she would not make friends
and that kids might be mean to her --
(so un-Kelly like)
She can't fall asleep. She woke up with a nightmare at 4am.
She wanted Dad to walk her to the potty at 5am.

About a month ago there was a Kindergarten Playdate. There she met her new BFF "ever". Unfortunately, her new friend is not in the same class.
Kelly says it's alright though, they'll play at recess.
Then she told me on the morning of the first day of school,
"Maybe it is a good thing that *B* and I don't have the same teacher. That way we won't annoy her with all of our talking."

This was after she tried to get me to let her wear eye make up --
After explaining to her that she has to at least be in 7th grade to wear eyeliner, she lets me know, "But that will be just too long for me to wait".

Even after talking about everything, on that first morning she was still pretty nervous. I could see it on her face.
She held it together.

(even I held it together)

By the end of the first day, she thinks it "might be too long a day"
away from me --
I think by the end of the week she'll be fine.

So it ends up, that she is not as enthusiastic about school as her
Big Brother was (is...) but she is not a shy little thing like her
Big Sister either.

I know that for me, this week is crawling by at a snails pace. There is a million things for me to do -- but I can't seem to get anything done.
It seems like I am just waiting around until it's time to pick her up.

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Cyndi Hendrickson said...

Great post! I can't wait to meet her. I can't wait for Solana to meet her! I think they'll be fast friends. That last picture is so cool. Except that she looks 14 in it! What's up with that!?!? And why is her hair so straight?
I hope everything continues to go smoothly. Love and kisses to our big girl!

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