Sunday, August 28, 2011

that didn't take long

Three of the four kids are now in school full time. Three different schools.
Three different sets of GERMS

How is it that the only one not in school, got the first cold of the school year?

Pretty sure it was Paige's fault.
She said she wasn't feeling well for a couple of days, but I thought she was just tired from going back to school.
(so I sort of ignored her)
Besides, Paige has this crazy immune system where she throws off colds and such in a couple of days -- where say DJ will have the same cold for two weeks and end up with pneumonia... No joke.
(I seriously think it's because she nursed for so long)

Well, you know I caught it from the baby.
I feel yucky.

I am trying to keep it away from the other kids, but as usual, my main goal is to keep it away from Mike. I'd rather have a cold for twice as long than for him to catch it --

and if he ends up getting it,
this will be all of us for the next week:

Wish me luck!

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Ciao Mama's said...

Love your blog.....I am a now a follower from the blog hop. Hope you can do the same. And yes these kids will come home with every type of germy critter. I was just released from being in the house for 7 days with my little one who came home with hand, foot & mouth virus...Yeah

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

Good luck! I doubled the girl's vitamin C dosage when school started. Maybe I'll triple it...

Material Girl Green said...

Good luck! I see you're a new tribe member, following you through gfc and twitter. Check me out at

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