Friday, August 26, 2011

{this moment} linky

A single photo (or three)
~ no words, capturing a moment from the week

a simple, 
extraordinary moment
a moment I want to pause, 
and remember

(oh, and yes -- he did!)
link up your

and even join in
where it all started

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Carolyn said...

That is toooo funny! What a moment you caught!!

Thank you for linking up on the w/w hop! I have another hop going on today (Fridays) called “Flash-back-Friday.” Link up an old post for a flash form the past! It’s like looking in an old scrapbook. Feel free to link up! I’ll choose a random blog to feature each week. See you soon!

aiSTYLEmee said...

Hahhaha! That is too cute!

Louise said...

Now there is a moment to be shown at his 21st Birthday Party...
Thanks for your comment too.

carol anne said...

Great idea Louise! Maybe blown up poster size? hahhaaaaha

Shel said...

Oh my gosh, that is too great! Definitely one to show his future spouse! :)

Thanks for stopping by our blog today and your sweet comment! Fridays are my favorite day of the week cause it brings so many wonderful moments and comments!

Polish Mama on the Prairie said...

What a cutie! He looks so proud too.

It's been so nice meeting you this week (twitter & blog wise).

Joyce Lansky said...

One day he's going to see those pictures and be mad at you for posting them. ;)


embracingitall said...

Those photos made me giggle. So many ways to sit on a potty! Happy weekend. Jacinta

Dmarie said...

proud moment! :-D

KERRY said...

Hope the weather was warm!
Bet he'll love this pic being brought out at future birthday's ;)

Angie said...

haha I bet he would love to share this pic when he is all grown up! lol!


Anna said...

WOW! Great milestone in life and he is looking quite proud of his accomplishments :)

Anne Dye said...

Hilarious! Potty learning moments are some the best life has to offer as long as you have a sense of humor!

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