Thursday, August 4, 2011

trip to the Lake

The big kids finished up their summer programs last week,
so we were able to head up to the Lake for the day. We needed to get new 'noodles'
and we drove up through Napa so we could pick some up --

Just driving up to Napa, going the same way we used to always go, made me so happy.

Such great times -- most of the drives were of us singing
or talking
or with the kids sleeping along the way.
Only a couple were a bit panicky -- or really just once, with us driving down the hill to get DJ to the ER with him throwing up
the entire way!
Another time we couldn't even get down the hill. Napa was flooded and there had been a huge mud slide that washed across the road --

The big difference this time though, is that it was just for the day.
It didn't make it less fun,
just different.

It was a gorgeous day and we pretty much
had the whole lake to ourselves ~
 All of the kids had a chance to "drive" the boat, which is always a big hit. Once we were parked in our cove, they barely came out of the water to eat -- I think they each might have gotten a bit too much sun, but we all had a great time!

and Paige took all the pictures!

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trininista said...

awww...look at Captain Baby!

Laura said...


Great blog and what a cute family you have. I found a link to your blog through another mommy blog i read. I hope you don't mind my asking, but I was wondering how you found it going from three kids to four. I have three kids (all born via c section) and I would really love to have another kid, but am a little worried about a fourth c section and how to handle four little ones. Any advice or insight would be much appreciated.


Kerry said...

I'm going to grab your button!! Lovely pics, your littlest man has such strikingly pretty eyes like his mummy!! Glad you all had a great time, oohh Napa, I wish!!
Do you know we have been to SF, probably passed you in the street :)
Loved it...

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