Friday, August 5, 2011

twenty-two months

22 months is a big deal age. Not like 18 months or anything, but it is pretty much the last time you use months when answering how old your baby is. After 22 months it turns into "almost two" and then 2!
and Mikey is 22 months old today --

He likes to jump off of everything. EVERYTHING
He likes to stand on his skateboard and do 'tricks'
He goes up AND down the stairs without crawling/using his hands

He has a chipped tooth from hitting his face on the coffee table --
I think the tooth might even be 'dead'

If I don't wake him up because we need to be somewhere in the morning, he will sleep until 10:30.

He likes the idea of going bye bye, but really doesn't like being in the car all that much -- or at least strapped into the car-seat.
He is usually shy around strangers,
unless it's a pretty girl

We just put out all the Little People
for him and he could play with them all day.
He makes sure that the people are facing the correct way in the car/plane and will drive them from the house to the farm while saying, "vrooom vrooom"

When we are at the park, he loves going down the slide. The higher the better.

He is a quiet boy. Mostly. Watches everything. Tells you what he wants. Sometimes he whispers it. Will parrot back almost anything, if he is in the mood.
His new thing is to say "please" when he asks for something
(and "penis" when he gets a diaper change)
and he likes to yell for his siblings --
"Kelly, come!"

He can put his clothes on himself, but mostly likes to remove them.
He eats like a big kid, can use a fork and drinks from a cup, but doesn't really like kid food.

He likes to pretend he is a dog.
He loves to run.

He LOVES to climb on Daddy.

He thinks my iPod belongs to him.

He likes trains and likes saying choo choo when he plays with them, or in a book, or sees a bus.

He likes giving out *smooches* and fist bumps.
He loves to sing!

Lately, he is not so much a baby --
and now at 22 months he is really getting to be a Big Boy!

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KERRY said...

Aww he is cute!! I loved this post, what a great way to remember your baby as he is :)
P.S. I would sleep until 10:30am as well if I could ;)

Mary said...

What a little cutie! I know exactly how you feel, my daughter will be 20 months in 2 days. It is sad to think that she is becoming more independent and is almost 2 already!

I'm your newest follower, btw :)


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