Thursday, September 8, 2011

the characters in the caricature

As you know, I love Legoland. Everything
is made out of Legos -- I mean, how cool is that?!
When Kelly was a baby, like 4 months old even, we went to San Diego and  did the Sea World, Zoo, Wild Animal Park circuit. Even though we had an exhausting fun time doing all of that, we also
went to Legoland.

I never really paid attention to the caricatures they did at the park, I thought they were cute, but never really considered doing one.
Well, Robyn (my mother in law)
decided while we were there in Legoland that she wanted to have one done of the kids --

and it came out SO cute!

I ended up later framing it and hanging it in the hallway.

DJ was/is really into Superman, we used to call Kelly Turtle 
when she was a baby -- and Paige just wanted to be a Mermaid.

So cute!

This last trip to Legoland, we knew that we wanted to have their caricatures done again -- we needed one with Mikey, right? Of course he was going to be a Gorilla...

We had them done, but I wasn't too happy with Mikey's. It was cute -- but it didn't really look like him. So I had another one done.
My father in law had them framed for me as my birthday present and Mike hung them up for me last weekend!

Kelly had to be a Princess, but I had to make sure that her missing bottom teeth showed --

Paige was a Tinkerbell Fairy. I love how her eye color was captured!

DJ was SO happy we let him have blood on his Gladiator sword...

And this one of Mikey came out much better! And even though he isn't a Gorilla, he is wearing Daddy's old jersey number ~

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KERRY said...

They are so cool!! What great artwork for your walls and awesome memories :)

E @ Act Fast Chef said...

So cute :) I always wanted to have my caricature done, but never did.

Leila said...

How fun and how CUTE!

New follower from Wednesday's blog hop!

Angie said...

How cute! :) I love LEGO land too.. but I have never been there.. Its 45 minutes away from me..and we haven't been there! :( Soon we will.. :)

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