Monday, September 12, 2011

a little inspiration

Yeah. I never win anything.
I never even win $1 from a lotto ticket.
It's sad.
So I rarely even try to win things. Occasionally I will enter a contest or a giveaway, but I never win.

Until NOW!

I was checking out
Angie's blog A Little Inspiration and she was having a
Pop Up Giveaway that was super cute ~ and all you had to do
was tell her your Favorite TV Show -- FRIENDS, btw
So I entered.
And WON!

Thanks Angie!

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Debbie said...

congratulations! I've only won one thing in a giveaway and so far have never received it! Hows that for bad luck! haha
Cute ring!

barema said...

wow thats cute

Material Girl Green said...

Yay you're a winner! I've entered about 200 giveaways (sad, I know...) and won 1! Just 1! I guess I'm not lucky either!

Angie said...

OH my.. I'm super happy.. love the pics! Thanks for featuring me.. You didn't had to mention or post about it carol! Thanks a bunch.. Hugs!


KERRY said...

That Angie is one beautiful, talented chick!! xx

Jazmin @ The Miller's said...

Oooooh! That is so cute!


E @ Act Fast Chef said...

That is awesome that you won! Congrats. Super cute ring too :)

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