Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tuesday's trip to the ER

Mikey now has swim lessons on Tuesdays. He was much better this week and actually had fun, likes the water -- but hates it when the teacher talks to him.
I have pictures up on Picasa if you want to check them out before I get to posting some here.

Paige usually has soccer practice after school on Tuesdays, but practice was cancelled this week.
So everyone was home in the late afternoon and getting started on homework.

I was sitting on the couch in Paige's room -- on the computer, and kids were coming in and out of the room. Mikey was with me, watching Blues Clues.
There is this cute little embroidered footstool in Paige's room and Mikey likes to stand/sit on it. He moves it around, but I don't let him to put it next to the TV because I think he might get hurt falling into the dresser.
the culprit
Now, I do have to say, that Paige's room is my new favorite place to hang out during the day. Mikey has a few toys and books in there and it's pretty easy to keep him entertained so I am not chasing him up and down the stairs.

DJ and Kelly are in the hallway and Mikey is playing with the footstool by the new Ikea bookshelf. I am telling DJ something, but I turn just in time to watch Mikey slip and fall face first onto the edge of the middle shelf.
I have DJ get Mike from upstairs because I can't see how bad it is with the way I am holding him -- but everyone had come running already.
It was pretty bad.
The way he hit, being elevated the way he was, I think his whole weight must have been behind the fall.

We left the big kids with Grandpa so they could get their homework done and brought Kelly with us to the ER. I explained to her on the way there that it might not be bad enough for stitches, that maybe instead they'd use glue -- and that is exactly what they did!
The ER was great. We were brought in before I could even get my insurance card back into my wallet! The staff was amazing with both of the kids, bringing in coloring pages -- even blowing bubbles. We were in and out of there in 2 hrs. The longest part was waiting for the numbing agent to work, but after that, they sang him a few songs while cleaning out the cut, glued it, then taped it up for good measure.

Mikey was so good. He didn't fuss, he let them do everything they needed to do.
It was kinda weird.
I was joking around, but kinda serious when I told them that he cried more during swim lessons --

I tried to get some pictures after it first happened, but he was not having any of it -- I had to wait for him to fall asleep... I posted them for wordless Wednesday mainly because
I was still upset about the whole thing ~
I am still sort of a wreck about it.

AND I think it even looks WORSE today!

Thank you to everyone for all your kind Well Wishes ~ Very Much Appreciated!

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embracingitall said...

Poor little poppet. Hope it heals soon. Our son did something similar earlier this year. Thankfully they glued his skin back together. Although the 4 hour wait to be seen was a little trying (for us not him). Of course he was so tired by the time we were seen, he slept through the whole procedure! Jacinta

E @ Act Fast Chef said...

Oh no! Poor thing. I hope he heals soon :-(

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

That's so scary! I would be a total wreck!

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