Monday, September 26, 2011

yikes! October

October is always so crazy busy and this year it seems like it started last weekend! Kelly had a few Kindergarten friends over -- they played
Knights and Princesses kill Dragons
(Paige, her friend Meagan and DJ were The Dragons)
I am pretty sure they had a blast ~

Next weekend we are having a little party for Mikey's birthday. He is turning 2!
Paige also has a soccer game later that day --

Mikey's birthday is the 5th, we will have cake after dinner, and maybe take him to the zoo while the big kids are in school.

The following weekend, Paige has a soccer game and has invited her team back to our house for pizza. Should be fun! (yes, that IS what I said, the whole team and their parents)

Mikey has his Well Baby and I even have a doctor appointment later that week.

Oh -- and Mike turns 40 on the 12th!!!

Paige has practice SSAT's the next Saturday and most likely soccer, but we don't have the rest of the schedule yet.

Oh, and she has an orthodontist appointment the next Tuesday.

And the following weekend, she is going to go out to celebrate her birthday with a couple of friends. Haven't decided where yet... House of Air maybe?
(and soccer)

Paige's birthday is the 24th. She will be 14!!!
(can you believe it?) Cake, etc.

Then we get to Halloween!
Where we have a huge block party
and every kid we know shows up here ~

Throw in the regular things:
(not counting taking them to and from 3 different schools and making sure they are fed and clean)
swim lessons for Mikey
soccer practice for Paige
hip hop for Kelly
Breakthrough for DJ
Summerbridge for Paige
swim lessons for Kelly

And just when will I get a chance to blog?!?

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Angie said...

pretty busy women!!! All i can say is.. keep calm and carry on! ;)

Have a terrific day, Carol!


Cyndi Hendrickson said...

I still have yet to figure out how you do so much blogging/facebooking/picasaing/reading, etc. You baffle my understanding of human abilities! Good luck with October. See you on the flip side!

By the way, Chloe went to the zoo in her 2nd birthday. :-)

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