Tuesday, October 25, 2011

daddy got a crockpot

We have been super busy these last couple of weeks!
Baby Mikey turned 2 on the 5th and Daddy Mikey turned 40 on the 12th.
Just yesterday Paige turned 14!
It seems like we have been baking cakes and singing Happy Birthday ever other day ~

Since Big Mikey's birthday was on a Wednesday (school night) and he didn't want to celebrate on one of the busy weekends on either end, it was a pretty
low key 40.

But the kids did get to make his cake

and I had a few decorations for him that I picked up

the kids "made his wrapping paper

and yeah, we really got him a crock pot!

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Angie said...

haha love the 40th birthday items..!

Great pictures.. looks like you had a great time!! Awesome..

KERRY said...

How adorable are these pics!! Even baby Mikey helping to put the cake in the oven! I am sure their daddy loved it and with everyone pitching in to help makes it more special :)
You have been busy!!
Have a great week Carol xo

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

I love my crockpot! I feel like I'm cheating when I make dinner in it. It's too easy and you can make some really yummy and healthy stuff in it.

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