Thursday, October 27, 2011

nighttime excitement

Everyone in the house was asleep except me
when Kelly woke up last night complaining of a stomach ache. I gave her a sip of water and she went back to bed, only to return
around 2:30 or so -- to cough and almost throw up all over my bed!

We made it to the bathroom, but in the meantime, Mikey woke up screaming for me. Dad, being still really asleep, tried to comfort him, but he kept screaming louder and louder as I was cleaning Kelly up and getting her new PJ's.
I get her settled, and back into bed and then go to hurry and try to clean up the bathroom -- only to find ONE Clorox wipe in the container.
Mikey is screaming his head off !

I finally get back into bed and he just cries and cries and cries while I hold him. His is MAD, but after about half an hour, he falls asleep.
The bathroom light turns on almost immediately after that. I call to Kelly to find out if she needs me, and she is just cupping water in her hand and getting a drink. She gets back into her bed right after.

Then DJ is at my bedroom door.
"Kelly woke me up, and then I heard Mikey crying. It seemed like it might be a difficult situation for you, so I came up to see if you need anything"

DJ likes to have a job to do, so I asked him to go get Kelly a tiny cup of water and set it by her bed.
He goes down to the kitchen, comes back up and gives it to her, and then comes in to tell me he is going back down to bed. As he was walking out my door -- he meets Kelly running from her bed...

At least she hits the hardwood floor between the rug in her room and the carpet in the hall.

Well, DJ yells, "Oh great!!! This is all my fault for giving her water!" and is almost crying.

Kelly is crying.

Dad is sleeping through all of this.

I wake up Mr. Sleepsthroughitall, and he goes to help Kelly in the bathroom.
(by help, I mean that he stands there in the doorway while she is sick)

The baby wakes up in my arms with a huge smile on his face and is hugging my neck super tight and rubbing his face on mine.
It is one of those moments that you want to savor and bask in for as long as possible, but I have a sick 5 year old, an upset 11 year old, a tired 40 year old and a mess to clean up off the floor.

I get everyone cleaned up and settled back into bed.

Kelly has a few more, " I feel sick" and runs to the bathroom, but she is good, and Dad goes with her every time, since I have a sleeping 2 year old laying on me.

We all have just about settled down --

and then there is an earthquake.

DJ comes up again.
The earthquake was only a 3.6, but the house really shakes when you all the way upstairs --
and since he is up, I make him check on Kelly, she is almost asleep, and is not concerned about the earthquake at all.

As I am falling to sleep, I realize we also
have a Miss. Sleepsthroughitall.
Our sleepy teenage Paige missed out on all the action ~

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KERRY said...

Oh my gosh Carol this is so funny! Sorry, aside from your poor little sick girl and a very tired mummy no doubt, your night was very eventful and entertaining to say the least. I can't believe the chain of events and then an EARTHQUAKE!!! You will need a nanna nap this afternoon lol

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

Oh my! What was wrong with her? Was it just that night? Solana's only thrown up a couple of times that I can remember. Heart wrenching. :-( And I think DJ gets the award for hero of this story. What a sweetheart!

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