Wednesday, November 2, 2011

3 vampires and one in training

So, yeah, they all begged to be Vampires...

I wanted them to be the
3 Little Pigs
and then have the baby be the
Big Bad Wolf.


entering in The Paper Mama challenge
The Paper Mama
Kelly wanted to be scary AND sparkly ~

DJ wanted to "look dead"

(both of them ended up taking off their capes 
about half way through Trick-or-Treating)

Paige was a modern Vampire, with red bands in her braces!

and Mikey was a Vampire BAT!

The Trick-orTreat Crew

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KERRY said...

What great looking vampires you have there! The Cullens would be proud :)
You know your daughter Paige reminds me of Jennifer Grey from Dirty Dancing!!

Erin said...

WOW great costumes!! You did a great job. Your kiddies are cuties. New follower from Weekend Blog Hop. I hope that you can follow me too at

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

Your face painting skills are out of control! The kids look awesome! And that tiny glimpse of your house in the background confirms my suspicion that you guys do up your whole house for Halloween. As if you had nothing better to do in October. Ha! I want to copy Kelly's costume next year for Solana. I might be calling your for face painting tips and instructions!!!

E @ Act Fast Chef said...

The costumes were awesome :) I hope you had fun. The Toddler was Mickey Mouse, but she didn't want to wear her ears. She just had red pants and a black shirt on!

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!!! :) Wish all the kids would do this much :)

Anonymous said...

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