Thursday, November 10, 2011

poor baby

Everyone has been sick.
DJ and Kelly both stayed home from school this week and I brought Mikey in to the doctors because he was a bit wheezy.
He is still not feeling well. High fever and crying. All he wants is for me to hold him. And cry. And sleep.
Did I say he was crying?

So, since I CAN type with one hand while holding him... even though it takes me forever, I am not really able to answer emails or comment on blogs without waking him -- I am able to post a cute picture of him from a year ago!

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Cyndi Hendrickson said...

Goodness Carol! You guys are having a rough few months of sickness - and head bonking! I hope he gets better soon! Lots of love!

coronaryrn said...

Poor baby! Hope he feels better quickly! I am looking for bloggers to participate in 25 Day's of Christmas Blogshare...check out the post and leave a comment if you are interested in participating!

Amy {baby baby lemon} said...

Hope he feels better soon.

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