Thursday, January 19, 2012

naked statues

So yeah, kinda busy -- kinda busy for months now...

Not sure if I can catch
up, but eventually I might

My Kindergartner went on her first field trip. They went to the
Legion of Honor
to see a performance of Rumpelstiltskin -- they took the bus, had lunch there, got to see interesting things, just overall a very exciting day.
I was in the classroom, ready to go along as a chaperon, but there was another mother who wanted to go (having not signed up originally) so I gave up my spot.
I did make sure that Kelly was fine with it first, since I didn't want her to cry or anything, but Kelly has an independent nature and is pretty good about handling change --
and to be honest, she was not quite "whatever, Mother" but pretty close.


She has Hip Hop classes on Wednesdays and her BFF's mom takes them, so I did not see here until dinner time.

"SO! How did you like your field trip?"

"It was really, really, really fun!"

"Did you like riding the bus?"

"Uh huh"

"Well, tell me about the things that you saw there"

"Mom, we saw naked statues!"

"Naked statues?"

Kelly is giggling, uncontrollably at this point....

"Naked statues with no UNDERWEAR!!!! And their penis and BALLS were showing!"

I am looking at this crazy, crazy child and shaking my head.

"Mom, it was so GROSS!!! They didn't have on UNDERWEAR"

This. This is what my husband's child gets out of going to a fine arts museum.

Oh, AND she looks like a toothless old man right now since she has lost another tooth ~

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