Monday, January 26, 2015

Girl Scout Cookies

It's just about Cookie Go Day ~ a little over a week to go, and then the madness begins!

We start selling Girl Scout Cookies on February 5th this year. Girl Scout Cookie selling is officially done by Kelly and Paige, but it is a whole family event. For one, Mikey loves to help - he want to ask people if they'd like to buy Girl Scout Cookies and talk to people too. And DJ and Dad are invaluable, since they are the ones moving tables and transferring cases of cookies around constantly (and driving us to booths and the bank and meetings...)

Kelly loves selling Girl Scout Cookies. LOVES it. She plans it, practices it. Makes signs. Gets sparkle shoes to wear, so people will notice her. She was thrilled to earn going to Horse Riding Camp last year by herself and plans to do the same this year.

Paige earned her trip to London and Switzerland last summer.

So yeah, we are kinda into it.

This year - one of the top prizes is a PS4. So the boys have been very enthusiastic to help as much as possible.
In fact, DJ offered to wear this:

We will see how much he wants that new game console....

*see Kelly's sparkly boots?

We are also very excited that this year we will be getting to sell ONLINE!!!!!

Each girl will get their own ID (so you still need to know a Girl Scout) But then you can have cookies delivered to your door -- and be able to use a Credit Card

Exciting times right around the corner!

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