Sunday, August 7, 2011

in your eyes, part 2

Did you know that your eye color continues to change? While I don't have scientific facts to back up my statement, I do have a picture (or two) that might be able to show it.
Until I had my own baby, I always thought that once a baby's eyes changed soon after they were born, that was the color they'd always be.
Who knew?
Paige was born with blue/gray eyes. She had blue/gray eyes until she was about a year old and then they turned light brown. They were a sort of amber color for a long while, but now they are more hazel.
DJ's eyes were dark, but then turned blue right away. Like blue. Over the last couple of years he is getting hazel around his iris and his blue has lightened up a little.
Kelly's eyes were also dark, but stayed pretty dark. Now they are lightening up. They are lighting up a lot. Not quite as amber as Paige, but enough that she runs from the mirror telling me that her eyes are "hazel now".
Mikey was born blue. Blue.

You might remember that I enjoy entering my photos in 
(I was even a Favorite for Sparkle!) 
and so I was planning on entering again next week 
when the challenge will be 
I happen to have a few pictures that I have taken of the kids
and their eyes.
I like taking pictures of there eyes.
No, don't know why.
I started looking through my Picasa Albums to see what I had for the challenge and found that I had too many choices! I've decided to share some of them, in hope that I can narrow it down a bit -- and well, I just like sharing  pictures of my kids.
This is part 2... it started off
in your eyes

DJ {needed a haircut} in November 2008

Both of my sweet girls at Easter

And here is the whole crew -- a month before Mikey was born!

My 2nd Blue Eyed Boy ~

and then The Mama got a new camera....

Oh, wait... how did that sneak in?

I am still looking through the old photos, so yes -- there will most likely be an 
Make sure to check out
and let me know what you think ~

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E @ Act Fast Chef said...

I love the picture of the closed eye - so peaceful :)

My Toddler's eyes have always been big and dark brown, almost black. They are gorgeous!

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