Monday, November 7, 2011

cupcakes galore

I did not make Mikey's cake for his birthday this year. We got him a Costco cake and wrote "gimme two" on it --
His middle name is Utah
From Point Break...
"Utah, gimme two"
and he turned two this year...
It was good. And then we just got him one of those individual cakes from Safeway with the little train on it for him to destroy on his actual birthday.

I did make Mike's cake for his 40th. I burnt one of the layers...
It was fine.
Not a fan of people using my baking pans for MEAT around here!
(I need to get new cookie sheets too)
The kids Mike frosted it and the kids decorated it. It looked awful, but tasted pretty yummy ~
daddy got a crockpot

The weekend before her birthday, Paige had a couple of friends over for a sleepover and they went to the House of Air
She requested Red Velvet Cupcakes and TEAL frosting --

I guess they were good.
I didn't even have one, the girls ate them ALL

I also made some for the next day -- we had friends come over, and we sang her Happy Birthday again!

I made cupcakes for Kelly's Halloween Carnival at school!

(she wore Paige's old Mummy Costume, because they can't have their faces painted at school or in masks)

I saw these Mummy Cupcakes online and couldn't wait
to make them! I made 48 -- they are super easy
to frost when you have a bunch to do.

but of course, I needed to make some of those cute mini cupcakes...
(the candy corn was Mike's idea)

Oh, I am D.O.N.E.

(for now)

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Kristin said...

Lookin' good lookin' good. Now it's time for pumpkin and pecan pie fixings.

Cyndi Hendrickson said...

Holy crap that's a lot of cupcakes! LOL!

trininista said...

You're a baking machine!

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