Saturday, August 13, 2011

{the paper mama}

Because I planned on taking pictures of eyes this week, you can easily guess that I didn't take even one... Not one. But that is okay, since I was not at all lacking any ~
As you might recall in

in your eyes
in your eyes, part 2
in your eyes, part 3

After taking into account all the nice comments and opinions everyone gave, I narrowed it down to two. Which is great, but I need only one...
I still couldn't decide. So, since Mike doesn't read my blog, I briefly explained my dilemma -- and just showed him the choices.
Yep. You guessed it --
He picked the two I was stuck between!
and since football was on, and that was all I could get out of him, I ended up choosing this one of the baby

This weeks photo challenge from
The Paper Mama

The Paper Mama

I also decided this week to enter in the i heart faces

photo challenge for Eyes ~


Angie said...

oh my ..LOOK AT HIS EYES! I want to have a baby boy with eyes like that!!! I just gotta find a blue eye guy.. lol


KERRY said...

Great choice Carol! He has gorgeous eyes like his mummy.
Angie, you're funny!

carol anne said...

You'd think you would need a blue eyed guy... My guy has BROWN eyes and I have Hazel!

Adrienne in Ohio said...

I agree. Choosing a photo for these challenges can be really difficult! Your baby has beautiful blue eyes. :)

AC said...

Gorgeous blues.

Kyle Blackwell said...

Very nice photo!

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